09 Jul 2015: cleaning of the VIS vacuum tank

06 Jul 2015: VIS vacuum tank arrives Calar Alto

02 Jul 2015: VIS vacuum tank departs from Köaut;nigstuhl

24 Jun 2015: Front-end commissioning, second run (FE-COM#0.2)

20 May & 12 Jun 2015: Fabry-Pérot etalons optical bench at Calar Alto

18 May 2015: fully-assembled NIR optical bench during AIV phase at IAA

14 May 2015: NIR and VIS pipeline GUI computers in temporary location

30 Apr 2015: Front-end commissioning, first run (FE-COM#0.1)

29 Apr 2015: Front-end at the 3.5m Cassegrain focus

23 Apr 2015: Front-end in the 3.5m laboratory

21 Apr & 13 May 2015: NIR rack cabinet

17 Apr 2015: NIR detector and continuous-flow cryostat departs from Königstuhl

14 Apr 2015: NIR detector and continuous-flow cryostat ready for acceptance

20 Mar 2015: new real and forward-simulated images

17 Mar 2015: Jose's visit to Institut für Astrophysik Göttingen

12 Mar 2015: a customized "CARMENES" four-port long-cable USB hub

06 Mar 2015: Front-end attached to a telescope simulator at MPIA

05 Mar 2015: VIS channel electronics at LSW

04 Mar 2015: a custom-made steel rack for arranging the plastic curtain strips of the CAHA coudé room clean-shower tent

25 Feb 2015: VIS channel initial alignment completed

25 Feb 2015: CAB-CSIC adhesive labels

20 Feb 2015: preparation of CVC-1 (first NIR cryo-vacuum cycle) at IAA

20 Feb 2015: all opto-mechanical elements on VIS optical bench at LSW

17 Feb 2015: van Biesbroeck (vb), the GTO data server at CAB

11 Feb 2015: CMT visit to IAA clean room (by Joseé. A. Caballero and Marisa García-Vargas)

09 Feb 2015: José A. Caballero's visit to Calar Alto

05 Feb 2015: Visit of the CSIC vicepresidency to IAA and CARMENES lab.

29 Jan 2015: ICS and pipeline computers and switch being mounted on the CARMENES rack in the 3.5m building (shared with some PANIC computers at the bottom)

20 Jan 2015: tricks to mount the Fibre Input Units

01 Jan 2015: Christmas pictures by Eike W. Guenther at Calar Alto

22 Dec 2014: the penultimate components for the ethernet network at Calar Alto

19 Dec 2014: radiation shield and optical bench inside the NIR vacuum tank, with extraction table

11 Dec 2014: the NIR and VIS cross-disperser mounts arrived from Tenerife

11 Dec 2014: works by Ecofred in the coudé room of the 3.5 m Calar Alto telescope (cont.)

27 Nov 2014: the collimator mirrors arrived from France (II)

24 Nov 2014: the NIR camera almost ready to be shipped

24 Nov 2014: the NIR optical bench arrived at IAA

18 Nov 2014: the collimator mirrors arrived from France (I)

17 Nov 2014: two screens for pipelining in the control room

12-13 Nov 2014: José A. Caballero's visit to IAC

06 Nov 2014: works by Ecofred in the coudé room of the 3.5 m Calar Alto telescope (cont.)

05 Nov 2014: all CARMENES computers in ICE Barcelona (before shipping)

29 Oct 2014: works by Ecofred in the coudé room of the 3.5 m Calar Alto telescope

15 Oct 2014: quick progress of Ecofred works in the 3.5 m coudé room

14 Oct 2014: the two collimator mirrors after polishing and coating by Winlight Optics

07 Oct 2014: works by Ecofred in the coudé room of the 3.5 m Calar Alto telescope

02 Oct 2014: VIS observing bench just arrived LSW

01 Oct 2014: Visit at CARMENES-IAA premises of the CSIC deputy vice-president of scientific and technological areas, Miguel Ángel Bañares and the CSIC delegate in Andalucía, Miguel Ferrer

25-26 Sep 2014: José A. Caballero's visit to Calar Alto

24 Sep 2014: José A. Caballero's visit to IAA

24 Sep 2014: Front-end virtually finished at LSW

15 Sep 2014: NIR cross-disperser just arrived at IAA

11 Sep 2014: Winlight NIR camera before installing the optics

07 Aug 2014: van Biesbroeck (vb) arrives at CAB

30 Jun 2014: start of AIV phase at IAA

26 Jun 2014: VIS (and NIR) ROE boxes

22 Jun 2014: CARMENES goes on holidays (Las Salinas del Río beach, Lanzarote, and La Graciosa island in the horizon)

16-18 Jun 2014: assemblying, integrating and verifying in Heidelberg at LSW and MPIA, in coincidence with Core Management Team meeting

09 Jun 2014: NIR vacuum tank arrives at IAA

06 Jun 2014: optomechanics pictures for Mirabet et al. (2014, SPIE)

05 Jun 2014: Santiago Becerril and Walter Seifert's visit to Winlight

03 & 19 Jun 2014: Mathias Zechmeister connects with barnard and lalande (the new pipeline computers in Calar Alto) from his desktop in Göttingen

29 May 2014: VIS CCD at LICA UCM (id est, "the electronics of the visible detector, assembled in Madrid, is almost done" & "the four quadrants of the science CCD are imaging correctly")

27 May 2014: some key components being assembled in Heidelberg

26 May 2014: acceptance of the two vaccum tanks in NTG, Gelnhausen

23 May 2014: assembly of the test facility for the nitrogen-gas preparation cooling unit

09 May 2014: VIS Calibration Unit arrived to Heidelberg and accepted

06 & 21 May 2014: Instrument Control System (2x) and Pipeline (2x) computers arrived to Barcelona and Calar Alto, respectively

05 May 2014:more mechanical pieces at the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias instrumentation workshop

05 May 2014: nitrogen-gas preparation (cooling) unit arrived to Granada (merci beaucoup, Jean-Louis!)

14 Apr 2014: both NIR and VIS detector flow cryostats arrived to Heidelberg (merci beaucoup également, Jean-Louis!)

04 Apr 2014: manufacture of a mechanical piece at the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias instrumentation workshop

28 Mar 2014: Assembly of the NIR detector head at the Max-Planck-Institut für Astronomie: test installation of the pre-amplifier boards on the reverse side of the head and of the detector dummy on the front side of the head

27 Mar 2014: Assembly of the VIS detector head at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Pictures are named after craters on Mercury/famous writers and artists starting with 'B' (keywords: LICA, QuCam, Fractal)

05 Mar 2014: electronics of NIR exposure meter at IAA Granada

06 Feb 2014: opto-mechanics and tools for cryogenic and vacuum tests of image slicers at IAA Granada

10 Jan 2014: some of the interlocks components at CAHA

17 Dec 2013: first light of the VIS calibration unit at the Coudé Échelle Spectrograph of the 2 m Alfred-Jensch Teleskop in the Thüringer Landessternwarte Tautenburg
[for Back to the Future fans]

14 Nov 2013: VIS detector, head, test cryostat and electronics at UCM Madrid

18 Oct 2013: hollow-cathode (and flat-field) lamps at IAG Göttingen (by F. J. Alonso-Floriano and J. A. Caballero)

15 Oct 2013: refurbishment of the 3.5 m coudé room

02 Oct 2013: CSFS = CARMENES Spectral Forward Simulator

11 Jun 2013: science-grade NIR detectors first images at MPIA Heidelberg and mosaic pictures taken by G. A. Luppino before shipping from Hawai'i

23 May 2013: opto-mechanics at LSW Heidelberg (some pictures taken in April and July)

19 Apr 2013: all the CARMENES boxes at UCM

17 Apr 2013: VIS échelle grating mosaic in Heidelberg

28 Mar 2013: Newport NIR échelle grating mosaic substrate

17 Dec 2012: engineering-grade NIR detector first images at MPIA Heidelberg

11 Dec 2012: ESO NIR cooling unit

10 Dec 2012: CAHA VIS detectors

06 Dec 2012: synthetic spectra at IAG Göttingen

19 Nov 2012: CAHA VIS detector electronics

19 Nov 2012: New LSW optics laboratory

22 Jan 2012: LSW scrambler prototype

28 Dec 2011: IAA electronics

16 Dec 2011: IAA electronics

07 Dec 2011: HS electronics