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Since 01 Jan 2016, CARMENES (Quirrenbach et al. 2016SPIE.9908E..12Q) is conducting a 750-night exoplanet survey targeting ~300 M dwarfs, including TESS targets, during Guaranteed Time Observations. The main scientific objective of CARMENES is to carry out a survey of late-type main sequence stars with the goal of detecting low-mass planets in their habitable zones. In the focus of the project are very cool dwarf stars later than spectral type M4 V and moderately active stars. We are able to detect a 2 MEarth planet in the habitable zone of an M5 V star, which requires a long-term radial velocity precision of 1 m s-1 per measurement. For stars later than M4 V (M < 0.25 Msol), such precision yields detections of super-Earths of 5 MEarth and smaller inside the entire width of the habitable zone. The CARMENES survey is thus providing a comprehensive overview of planetary systems around nearby northern M dwarfs. By reaching into the realm of Earth-like planets, it provides a treasure trove for follow-up studies probing their habitability.

At the same time, the CARMENES survey generates a unique data set for studies of M dwarf star atmospheres, rotation, and activity. The spectra cover important diagnostic lines for activity (Hα, Na I D1 and D2, and the Ca II infrared triplet), as well as FeH lines around 10,000 Å, from which the magnetic field can be inferred. Correlating the time series of these features with each other, and with wavelength-dependent radial velocities, provides new insight into the physical properties of M dwarf atmospheres, and provides excellent discrimination between planetary companions and stellar radial velocity "noise".

CARMENES planets

Star GJ d [pc] Sp.
Planet Porb
Reference Remark
TOI-2095 ... 41.90 M2.5 V b 17.66484 < 4.1 (TESS) Murgas et al. 2023arXiv230409220M Two super-Earths at the edge of the habitable zone
c 28.17232 < 7.4 (TESS)
TOI-1470 ... 51.74 M1.5 V b 2.527113 7.52 (TESS) González-Álvarez et al. 2023A&A...675A.177G Two transiting sub-Neptunes
c 18.0881 7.94 (TESS)
BD+44 3567 806 12.06 M1.5 V b 0.9263237 1.90 (TESS) Pallé et al. 2023arXiv230106873P A bright nearby multi-planetary system with a transiting hot, low-density super-Earth
c 6.64064 5.80
HN Lib 555 6.253 M4.0 V b 36.116 2.59 González-Álvarez et al. 2023A&A...675A.141G A sub-Neptune in the habitable zone
GJ 1151 1151 8.043 M4.5 V b 389.7 10.6 Blanco-Pozo et al. 2023A&A...671A..50B Not related to radio emission detected by LOFAR
Wolf 1069 1253 9.575 M5.0 V b 15.564 1.26 Kossakowski et al. 2023A&A...670A..84K A potential habitable exoplanet only 31 light-years from Earth
GJ 1002 1002 4.846 M5.5 V b 10.3465 1.08 Suárez-Mascareño et al. 2023A&A...670A...5S ESPRESSO and CARMENES discover two potentially habitable exo-Earths around a star near the Sun
c 21.202 1.36
BD+11 2576 514 7.628 M0.5 V b 140.43 5.2 Damasso et al. 2022A&A...666A.187D A super-Earth on an eccentric orbit moving in and out of the habitable zone discovered with CARMENES, HARPS and HIRES
TOI-1468 ... 24.71 M1.5 V b 1.8805136 3.21 (TESS) Chaturvedi et al. 2022A&A...666A.155C A super-Earth and a mini-Neptune on opposite sides of the radius valley
c 15.532482 6.64 (TESS)
HD 260655 239 9.998 M0.0 V b 2.76953 2.14 (TESS) Luque et al. 2022A&A...664A.199L Two rocky worlds transiting a bright M dwarf at 10 pc
c 5.70588 3.09 (TESS)
TYC 2187-512-1 ... 15.48 M1.0 V b 691.9 105 Quirrenbach et al. 2022A&A...663A..48Q A Saturn-mass planet with a long orbital period
G 180-18 (TOI-1759) 3929 15.83 M3.5 V b 2.616267 1.27 (TESS) Kemmer et al. 2022A&A...659A..17K A hot, transiting, Earth-sized planet
V1298 Tau ... 108.5 K1 b* 24.1399 200 (TESS) Suárez-Mascareño et al. 2022NatAs...6..232S Rapid contraction of giant planets?
c* 8.24892 < 76
d* 12.4058 < 99
e* 40.2 369 (TESS)
TOI-1759 ... 40.11 M0.0 V b 18.85019 10.8 (TESS) Espinoza et al. 2022AJ....163..133E A transiting, temperate mini-Neptune
TOI-1201 ... 37.64 M2.0 V b 2.491986 6.28 (TESS) Kossakowski et al. 2021A&A...656A.124K A moderately young mini-Neptune
TOI-1238 ... 70.64 M0.0 V b 0.764597 3.8 (TESS) González-Álvarez et al. 2022A&A...658A.138G A multi-planetary system orbiting an early-M dwarf
c 3.294736 8.3 (TESS)
G 264-12 ... 15.99 M4.0 V b 2.30538 2.50 Amado et al. 2021A&A...650A.188A Three terrestrial planets
c 8.0518 3.75
BD+01 2447 393 7.038 M2.0 V b 7.02679 1.71
TOI-1685 ... 37.61 M3.0 V b 0.669140 3.76 (TESS) Bluhm et al. 2021A&A...650A..78B An ultra-short-period transiting super-Earth and a non-transiting planet
c 9.02 9.2
LP 14-53 (TOI-1640) ... 18.21 M3.0 V b 1.949538 2.33 (TESS) Soto et al. 2021A&A...649A.144S A hot and rocky super-Earth
GJ 740 740 11.11 M1.0 V b 2.37756 2.96 Toledo-Padrón et al. 2021A&A...648A..20T A HADES-CARMENES collaboration
Wolf 437 (Gar) 486 8.083 M3.5 V b (Su) 1.4671205 3.00 Trifonov et al. 2021Sci...371.1038T A nearby transiting rocky exoplanet that is suitable for atmospheric investigation
LP 714-47 (TOI-442) ... 52.34 M0.0 V b 4.052037 30.8 (TESS) Dreizler et al. 2020A&A...644A.127D A planet in the "hot Neptune desert"
HD 265866 251 5.585 M3.0 V b 14.2383 4.27 Stock et al. 2020A&A...643A.112S Two temperate-to-warm super-Earths
HD 238090 458 A 15.25 M0.0 V b 13.671 6.89
G 50-16 A 3473 27.32 M4.0 V b 1.98003 1.86 Kemmer et al. 2020A&A...642A.236K A hot, transiting, Earth-sized and a second temperate, non-transiting
c 15.509 7.41
LP 729-54 (TOI-732) ... 22.00 M3.5 V b 0.768377 2.34 (TESS) Nowak et al. 2020A&A...642A.173N A pair of transiting super-Earth and sub-Neptune
c 12.252131 6.29 (TESS)
TOI-1235 ... 39.68 M0.5 V b 3.444717 5.90 (TESS) Bluhm et al. 2020A&A...639A.132B A transiting super-Earth
CD Cet 1057 8.069 M5.0 V b 2.29070 3.95 Bauer et al. 2020A&A...640A..50B A super-Earth in the near infrared
HD 79211 338 B 6.334 M0.0 V b 24.45 10.27 González-Álvarez et al. 2020A&A...637A..93G A super-Earth in a nearby twin binary system
TYC 6170-95-1 ... 323.1 G8 IV/V b* 3.5949 8.8 (K2) Hidalgo et al. 2020A&A...636A..89H A super-Earth and two sub-Neptunes transiting an evolved star
c* 15.624 14.7 (K2)
d* 35.747 10 (K2)
LP 90-18 3512 9.489 M5.5 V b 203.13 146 Morales et al. 2019Sci...365.1441M Giant exoplanet around tiny star 'should not exist'
c 2350 143
GJ 357 357 9.444 M2.5 V b 3.93072 1.84 (TESS) Luque et al. 2019A&A...628A..39L Two super-earths (one habitable) and an amazing transiting exoearth
c 9.1247 3.40
d 55.661 6.1
LSPM J2116+0234 ... 17.64 M3.0 V b 14.4433 13.4 Lalitha, Baroch et al. 2019A&A...627A.116L A sub-Neptune
Teegarden's ... 3.832 M7.0 V b 4.9100 1.05 Zechmeister et al. 2019A&A...627A..49Z The two most Earth-like planets found yet (and around an ultracool dwarf)
c 11.409 1.11
BD+61 195 49 9.860 M1.5 V b 13.8508 5.63 Perger et al. 2019A&A...624A.123P A HADES-CARMENES collaboration
K2-285 ... 156 K2 V b* 3.47175 9.7 (K2) Pallé et al. 2019A&A...623A..41P A star with four transiting planets
c* 7.13804 16 (K2)
d* 10.4560 <6.5 (K2)
e* 14.7634 <10.7 (K2)
HD 119130 ... 114.3 G3 V b* 16.9841 24 Luque et al. 2019A&A...628A..39L Ultra-dense Neptune aroun Sun-like star K2-292
G 232-70 4276 21.30 M4.0 V b 13.352 16.57 Nagel et al. 2019A&A...622A.153N One eccentric planet or two planets in a 2:1 resonance?
Barnard's 699 1.827 M3.5 V b 232.80 3.23 Ribas et al. 2018Natur.563..365R Cool super-earth around closest single star to Sun
Ross 1020 3779 13.75 M4.0 V b 3.0232 8.0 Luque et al. 2018A&A...620A.171L Two identical planets around two identical stars
LP 819-052 1265 10.24 M4.5 V b 3.6511 7.4
HD 180617 752 A 5.915 M2.5 V b 105.90 12.2 Kaminski et al. 2018A&A...618A.115K GJ 752 B = vB 10 (M8.0 V)
HD 147379 617 A 10.77 M0.0 V b 86.57 23.0 Reiners et al. 2018A&A...609L...5R First CARMENES-only planet
Ross 1003 1148 11.03 M4.0 V c 532.6 72.1 Trifonov et al. 2018A&A...609A.117T New additional planet candidates
GX And 15 A 3.562 M1.0 V c 6694 50.4

Planets discovered by CARMENES to date: 57 GTO/Legacy/TESS/Kepler around M dwarfs and 12 (marked with *) around earlier stars. Some Porb and M2sini values have been updated by Caballero et al. 2022A&A...665A.120C and Ribas et al. 2023A&A...670A.139R. See also other 27 planets confirmed or re-analysed by CARMENES:

CARMENES is besides a "planet killer". A few systems with challenged exoplanet candidates are:

Refereed publications

N Title Authors ADS link
55 The CARMENES search for exoplanets around M dwarfs. Two planets on the opposite sides of the radius gap transiting the nearby M dwarf LP 729-54 G. Nowak, R. Luque, H. Parviainen et al. 2020arXiv200301140N
54 The CARMENES search for exoplanets around M dwarfs. Convective shift and starspot constraints from chromatic radial velocities D. Baroch, J. C. Morales, I. Ribas et al. ...
53 Precise mass and radius of a transiting super-Earth planet orbiting the M dwarf TOI-1235: a planet in the radius gap? P. Bluhm, R. Luque, N. Espinoza et al. 2020arXiv200406218B
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1 CARMENES input catalogue of M dwarfs. I. Low-resolution spectroscopy with CAFOS F. J. Alonso-Floriano, J. C. Morales, J. A. Caballero et al. 2015A&A...577A.128A

See also other publications outside the CARMENES consortium:

SPIE contributions

Title Authors ADS link
The CARMENES M-dwarf planet survey A. Quirrenbach, P. J. Amado, I. Ribas et al. 2020SPIE11447E..3CQ
CARMENES: high-resolution spectra and precise radial velocities in the red and infrared A. Quirrenbach, P. J. Amado, I. Ribas et al. 2018SPIE10702E..0WQ
Two Fabry-Pérots and two calibration units for CARMENES S. Schäfer, E. W. Guenther, A. Reiners et al. 2018SPIE10702E..76S
Physical modeling of echelle spectrographs: the CARMENES case study M. Tala Pinto, A. Chanumolu, A. Quirrenbach et al. 2018SPIE10705E..1UP
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CARMENES: interlocks or the importance of process visualization and system diagnostics in complex astronomical instruments J. Helmling, K. Wagner, L. Hernández et al. 2016SPIE.9908E..6BH
CARMENES: how to achieve the full AIV at system level of a cryo-instrument in nine months S. Becerril, M. C. Cárdenas, P. J. Amado et al. 2016SPIE.9910E..0QB
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CARMENES: Calar Alto high-resolution search for M dwarfs with exo-earths with a near-infrared Echelle spectrograph A. Quirrenbach, P. J. Amado, H. Mandel et al. 2010SPIE.7735E..37Q
Comprehensive transient-state study for CARMENES-NIR high thermal stability S. Becerril, M. A. Sánchez, M. C. Cárdenas et al. 2010SPIE.7735E..95B

PhD theses

Name Title Supervisor University Date
John B. P. Strachan ... Anglada-Escudé Queen Mary University of London [201X]
Sepideh Sadegi Improving the Doppler detection of planets around M dwarfs and K giants using spectral information Reffert, Quirrenbach, Kürster Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg [2019]
Patrick Schöfer Activity of M Dwarfs in the CARMENES sample Reiners & Dreizler Georg-August-Universität Göttingen [2018]
Evangelos Nagel Determination of atmospheric parameters in M dwarf stars Schmitt Universität Hamburg [2017]
Enrique Díez-Alonso Determinación de periodos de rotación de estrellas enanas de tipo espectral M y búsqueda y caracterización de sistemas planetarios con técnicas fotométricas Montes & de Cos Juez Universidad Complutense de Madrid Jul. 2019
Tala Pinto
Perspectives of the radial velocity method: physical modeling of the wavelength solution & exoplanetary detections around giant stars Quirrenbach Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg Jul. 2019
Luis F. Sarmiento Hollow cathode lamps characterization Reiners & Huke Georg-August-Universität Göttingen [2017]
Florian F. Bauer Radial velocities in low mass stars Reiners & Jeffers Georg-August-Universität Göttingen [Dec. 2016]
Vera M. Passegger Characterisation of star-planet systems Reiners & Jeffers Georg-August-Universität Göttingen Apr. 2017
Zaira M. Berdiñas Radial velocity fiber-fed spectrographs towards the discovery of compact planets and pulsations on M stars Amado & Anglada-Escudé Universidad de Granada [Nov. 2016]
Miriam Cortés-Contreras CARMENES-UCM: scientific preparation, multiplicity, chromospheric activity and kinematics Caballero & Montes Universidad Complutense de Madrid Nov. 2016
F. Javier Alonso-Floriano CARMENES science preparation: characterization of M dwarfs with low-resolution spectroscopy and search for low-mass wide companions to young stars Montes & Caballero Universidad Complutense de Madrid Nov. 2015
Sebastian Schäfer Fabry-Pérot etalons for high precision radial velocity calibration Reiners & Dreizler Georg-August-Universität Göttingen Apr. 2014

Besides, 15+3 MSc and 4+1 BSc theses are listed in the Private area

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